Maximize Your Profitability.

Replacing your old machines with the latest equipment saves you more money — and makes you more, too. Speed Queen® washer-extractors and tumble dryers reduce utility costs, minimize downtime and offer advanced controls to optimize your profitability. Use our replacement calculator to discover how much more money you can make by upgrading your equipment.

Free up cash flow with big savings on new equipment.

Reinvigorate your store today. The best time to invest in state-of-the-art equipment that gets laundry done faster, easier and more efficiently is now. We are offering 6.49% variable interest rates on new equipment loans up to $250,000 with 90 days deferred payments followed by interest only payments for 4 months. Hurry, offer ends July 31, 2017. Apply Now .

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Partner with Speed Queen Financial Services and get yourself on the path to success today.

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