Mike Nemetz – Manteca, California

Mike Nemetz – Manteca, California

Mike Nemetz did all the homework. He attended a Clean Show. He loved everything he learned about the coin laundry business. Mike knew this was the business that was going to begin his exit from corporate America.

What he didn’t have was the time and expertise to go from idea to startup, while still working in a corporate position. That’s where PWS- The Laundry Company entered the picture to expedite Mike’s start in the coin laundry business.

“They made that first step a lot easier…I wouldn’t have done it without PWS,” Mike said. “They made it super simple.”

As the nation’s premier developer of laundromats, PWS took the lead on site selection, demographics analysis, store layout and design, equipment selection – basically creating a turn-key business. Most important for Mike was their experience. PWS’s industry expertise not only made getting into the business simple and easy, it saved him from making costly mistakes.

“Their knowledge and experience takes the risk out of it, especially for a newbie,” Mike said. Despite feeling like he had a great knowledge base on the industry after three years of research, he said PWS saved him from making serious mistakes when it came to locations and impact fees.

“They were able to look at things and ask questions I wouldn’t have been able to until I was opening my third laundry.”

But PWS brought far more to the table as a distributor of Speed Queen equipment – the industry’s premier vended laundry brand. That relationship delivered not only cutting edge equipment to simplify operations, but industry-leading financing to further streamline the development.

“Speed Queen Financial was super easy to work with. It was a relatively easy process versus refinancing my house or real estate,” Mike said.

Upon opening Spin Cycle Laundry Lounge in March 2017, the business took off almost immediately and the advanced management functionality of the Quantum system has helped Mike maximize profitability and create expansion opportunities.

“I needed to have a management system in place that delivers reports and allows me to scale the business up. Quantum allows me to do this,” Mike said. “My job is focusing on store number two and three.”

Quantum provided Mike all the tools he wanted to manage pricing and promotions, while its reporting capabilities enable him to be tuned in to what is happening at the laundry without actually having to be there.

“Everything I dream up, I can program it and let it run. The competition can’t do that,” he said. “I also like having the remote ability…with Quantum I know exactly what’s going on with each machine.”

This level of Speed Queen technology is the perfect complement to the high quality atmosphere PWS created with the store’s look and feel. Spin Cycle Laundry Lounge delivers on its name as a comfortable environment that takes the chore out of visiting a vended laundry.

But that’s exactly what Mike expected when he partnered with PWS.

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“All the people I worked with at PWS are of a high caliber,” he said. “They built my laundry to a standard that was very high end.” And high end is exactly what customers were looking for as evidenced by the store’s immediate success. If that’s not enough, Mike has already made his exit from corporate America and is working with PWS on building his second store.

“PWS has a recipe that works…their laundry formula definitely accelerated my corporate America exit,” he said. “Their integrity and credibility are held in high regard in the industry.”

Randy Radtke

Global Public Relations Manager, Alliance Laundry Systems