5 Reasons to Improve Your University Laundry Services

5 Reasons to Improve Your University Laundry Services Almost 20 million students will attend colleges and universities this fall, according to the National Center for Education Studies. That’s a huge number of students — and it’s continuing to grow year after year as teens start to compete and prepare for the jobs of the future. […]

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Signage is key in building a laundry brand

Your brand is more than the logo on the building. Your laundry’s brand encompasses everything from the equipment installed and cleanliness to the seating areas and behavior of staff. Once you’re grounded in this fact, paying attention to all those seemingly “little” things become much easier. One of those little things that can make an […]

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Stack units can increase profit per square foot for laundromats

When space is at a premium, such as the case in major metro areas, and developers can’t build outward, they build up. In the vended laundry world, this same strategy can help increase revenue. It can also make locations that were previously not viable, due to a small footprint, quite profitable. The idea isn’t a […]

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4 Things Renters Look For In A Shared Laundry Room

Great apartments aren’t always just about the unit itself. Many renters will share stories of finding the “perfect” apartment. They loved everything about the apartment but they still opted to sign a lease at another property. Why? Factors such as lack of security, lack of parking, and, yes, even lack of a decent laundry room. […]

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Speed Queen Launches Stacked Unit

Washer-extractor/tumble dryer features Quantum Touch control [Ripon, Wis. Aug. 28, 2019] – Speed Queen®, the global leader in vended laundry, introduces an innovative new stacked washer-extractor/tumble dryer. Previewed just months ago at the 2019 Clean Show, the new product is now available for order. “This product is a game-changer for vended laundries, where space is […]

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Speed Queen Expands Speed Queen Insights

POS and CRM Components Now Available for Management System [Ripon, Wis. August 13, 2019] – Speed Queen®, the global leader in vended laundry, released new products for its cutting-edge Speed Queen Insights vended laundry management platform to help store owners easily run more efficient and profitable businesses. With this new release, laundromat owners can run […]

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