Transform the retail experience and make running a profitable business easier than ever.


Turn your laundry room into an amenity that attracts and retains more residents.


When your healthcare facility depends on efficiency and cleanliness, Speed Queen® machines offer the highest level of dependability and performance.

Fire Departments

Our NFPA 1851-compliant machines deliver immediate results without compromising the integrity of your gear.


Our machines are designed to give you the versatility you need to run your laundry operation more efficiently.

Correctional Facilities

Our high-capacity machines save you money on the high-volume laundry demands of correctional facilities.

Spas and Salons

Depending on the size of your space and the traffic it receives, laundry requirements can vary greatly. Our washers give you the tailored options you need to improve efficiency.


Your athletic facility depends on speed and efficiency. Our machines deliver better performance and more capacity options for a more productive, more efficient operation.


Designed specifically for military bases, our range of control options will streamline operations without sacrificing any of the standard features.

Speed Queen Consumer

Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment is built with American pride and engineered and tested to deliver 25 years of service in the average household.

College and University Residence Halls

Turn your laundry room into an amenity that attracts and retains more residents.


The residence hall laundry room has become a major area of interest for prospective students, Speed Queen will bring the technology and features to make sure it shines.