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Create an Exceptional Laundry Experience For Your Residents

Turn your laundry facilities into an amenity that attracts and retains more residents.

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Laundry for Today’s Generation

Speed Queen® lets you offer an upscale laundry experience that goes beyond the expectations of today’s residents. Premium-quality machines transform your laundry room into an amenity your residents love and want to keep using.

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Give Your Residents The Laundry Experience They Want

A Whole New Level Of Resident Satisfaction

Your residents want more options, more convenience. With Speed Queen Insights and the Speed Queen app, residents will have a reason to stay home on laundry day.

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Why Choose A Speed Queen® Laundry Service Provider

We partner with the best in the business. From service and repair to making your laundry facility more appealing to residents, our Laundry Service Providers go above and beyond to meet and exceed your needs. And it's all supported by the global leader in commercial laundry: Alliance Laundry Systems.

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Total Control Of Your Laundry Room

Quantum® Controls unite equipment, programming and facility management into a simple, integrated system that lets you set multi-level vend prices, program laundry room shut down times and track laundry room activity and coin or card transactions.

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The Latest News From Speed Queen®

Get Speed Queen® news and stay up to date with the latest in laundry.

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Owning Speed Queen equipment can be easy and affordable.

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