Hardmount Washer-Extractor

Performance and reliability proven to outlast the competition.

A heavy-duty design meets superior machine mechanics to form the industry’s most trusted hardmount washer-extractor.

Control Options

Color Options

20 lb, 30 lb, 40 lb, 60 lb, 80 lb, 100 lb

Quantum® Control

Quantum® offers a total of 9 programmable cycles as well as 9 programmable water levels that enable you to adjust water use in every cycle step. The infrared programming and audit data retrieval save time, as do advanced diagnostics. Quantum machines feature a maximum extraction speed of 200 G-force. Quantum is designed to help you reduce costs, decrease your downtime and increase your throughput.


Quantum® Control

  • 3-Years Limited
  • 5-Years Frame and Cylinder Shaft Assembly
  • 5-Years Seals & Bearings