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A Sound Investment

Laundromats in the U.S. see an average cash-on-cash ROI of 20-35% (9)—much higher than most alternative investments. And when you factor the flexibility and low labor costs, laundromats just make sense.

100% Success Rate of Speed Queen

Nearly 94.8% success rate (5)
All the benefits of a profitable investment––without all the risks.

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Adaptable to your lifestyle
Enjoy the flexibility of running your laundromat the way that fits your lifestyle.

Tax Advantages on Speed Queen Products

Tax advantages
In many countries, you can write off equipment purchases and claim equipment depreciation as a loss on your taxes.
*Consult your tax advisor to see what tax advantages you are eligible for.

20-35% average ROI

20-35% average ROI (9)
An average cash-on-cash ROI of up to 35% is both impressive and advantageous when compared to other investments.

Low Labour Costs of Speed Queen Washers and Dryers

Low labor costs
Your machines do the work so you don’t have to. In fact, 70% of laundromat investors have 0-3 employees.(5)

Simplified accounting

Simplified accounting
Customers pay up front using cash, coin or the Speed Queen app, meaning laundromats don’t incur the cost, time and hassle of many other investments’ accounting requirements.

Laundromats vs. Other Investments

Not all investments are created equal, and not all yield the same returns. See how other investments stack up against laundromats.

Start-up Costs

The Difference Is Clear

Compared to other investments like car washes, convenience stores and self-storage––laundromats just make sense.

Game-Changing Technology

Not all vended laundries are created equal. Investors seeking to
maximize their return on investment in opening up a laundromat,
must offer customers commercial laundromat equipment
that enables them to tailor wash and dry cycles to their unique
needs. Speed Queen Quantum Touch equipment delivers unparalleled
returns. To see how this cutting-edge control leaves the
competition in the dust and makes you more money, click the button below.

Speed Queen Quantum Touch

Speed Queen Insights takes management ease and the customer
experience to new heights. With features such as a customer app
and mobile payment option, owners can be assured their laundromat
business is giving customers flexibility that other laundries
can’t match. And by leveraging all owner tools on one platform,
they’ll streamline management and be ready to scale the
business quickly to multiple locations, while their competition is
left counting quarters.

Speed Queen Insights

How to Start a Laundromat?
Work with the Leader.

Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of opening a laundromat
business, as well as all the advantages available to you when you work
with the global leader in commercial laundry equipment? Fill out the form below and request our guide to how to open a laundromat.

How to Start a Laundromat?
Work with the Leader.

Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of opening a laundromat
business, as well as all the advantages available to you when you work
with the global leader in commercial laundry equipment? Fill out the form below and request our guide to how to open a laundromat.

Financing Made Easy

When compared to other investments, laundromats have a high success rate. That number gets even higher when your investment is backed by Speed Queen. We’re confident we can make your business successful.

Business plan consultation With Speed Queen

Business plan consultation

Our seasoned experts will help you identify your short- and long-term business objectives in order to build a customized financial program that will help you reach your goals.

Meeting Betwween laundry professionals

Personalized relationship management

Our experienced laundry professionals personally manage your account from the beginning to the end of the loan—but it doesn’t have to stop there. Your contact will continue to tailor specific programs for future financing situations.

Laundry-focused financing

When you finance with Speed Queen®, you get a comprehensive financing plan that’s tailored to fit your needs, your budget and your goals, including structuring your front-end payments to coincide with your store’s projected ramp-up.

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