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Simple. Streamlined. Convenient.

Simple digital and manual controls for laundromats, laundry rooms, and on-premises facilities deliver convenience and ease-of-use, while covering all your basic laundry needs.

  • Coin Slide
  • Push-To-Start
  • Electronic Homestyle
  • Mechanical Homestyle
Speed Queen Dryers

Streamlined and simple, Speed Queen® coin slide-operated laundry products set the standard for all the basic needs of your store or laundry room.

  • Simple, One-Knob Washer Control: Two-speed motor offers normal/gentle wash and fast/slow extract.
  • Six Wash Cycles: Provides three normal cycles, two permanent press cycles and one delicate cycle.
  • Integral Wash Temperatures: Limits temperature selections to simplify the laundry process and help stop ruined clothes.
  • Four Dryer Heat Cycle Options: Choose from normal, perm press, delicate and no heat.

Available for laundromats and multi-housing laundry rooms.

Speed Queen Dryers

Simplify laundry with Speed Queen® Push-To-Start controls. Easy-to-use analog selections for wash and dry cycles, and intuitive push-to-start activation make doing laundry quick and uncomplicated.

  • Push-To-Start Button: Features simple, push-to-start activation with an “In Use” LED light.
  • Six Water and Cycle Selections: Provides three regular and energy-saving cycles with two-speed wash-and-spin actions and a delicate cycle.
  • Four Dryer Heat Cycle Selections: Offers normal, perm press, delicate and no heat options.

Available for on-premises laundry facilities.

Speed Queen Single Pocket Tumble Dryers

Speed Queen Commercial Homestyle controls for our single dryers make laundry familiar and intuitive. Selection buttons, cycle status indicator lights, time remaining display and six cycle presets bring a new level of convenience to digital push-button simplicity.

  • Six Preset Cycles: Allow users to quickly select from the most common cycles, including an energy efficient Eco cycle.
  • Six Drying Cycles: Offer a wide variety of cycle selections for every load type and size.
  • Three Fabric Types: Choose from normal, perm press, and delicate.
  • Easy-To-Read Digital Display: Allows residents to see how their load is progressing and ensures greater machine availability.

Available for multi-housing laundry rooms

Speed Queen Single Dryer

Mechanical Homestyle controls make operation simple and convenient with classic manual dials that feature six standard cycle presets, including an energy-efficient Eco-cycle for wash cycles.

  • Preset Cycles: Allow users to quickly select from the most common cycles.
  • Three Drying Cycles: Offer a selection of cycles for every load type and size.
  • Three Fabric Types: Choose from no heat, perm press/regular, and delicate.

Available for multi-housing laundry rooms

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