Speed Queen’s new technology transforms laundry operations and enhances the customer experience

Speed Queen’s new technology transforms laundry operations and enhances the customer experience

Speed Queen®, the global leader in vended commercial laundry, launched Speed Queen Insights, a next-generation technology platform and mobile payment app that will not only change the way vended laundries are managed, but elevate the customer experience to new levels of convenience.

“Speed Queen Insights brings features and functionalities to the industry that will change how laundries are managed and how customers interact with them,” said Steve Bowie, North American sales manager for Speed Queen commercial. “With the introduction of this system, Speed Queen remains at the forefront of technology in the vended laundry industry.”

A cloud-based laundry management platform, Speed Queen Insights gives laundry owners access to unparalleled data on operations (for single, multiple or all locations) and integrates payment transactions into one unified portal. Owners can:

  • See store performance data
  • Accept mobile, cash and coin payments
  • Offer remote, mobile wallet refunds
  • Provide store loyalty programs
  • Receive machine error alerts
  • Program machines
  • Set time-of-day pricing
  • Adjust water levels

Speed Queen Insights is more than an integrated management tool. With the Speed Queen mobile app, the customer experience is elevated to new heights by letting customers pay using their mobile wallet, monitor the status of their load, check machine availability and, in the event of an issue, request support.

The Speed Queen app also offers the option for Speed Queen Rewards to promote store loyalty. The Speed Queen app is available via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Speed Queen Insights comes factory-installed, is updated automatically and is easily configured, so no more drilling into machines to install third-party equipment (at additional expense to the owner). Because it’s factory supported by the global leader in commercial laundry, peace of mind comes standard with Speed Queen Care.

“Today’s vended laundry customers expect a higher level customer experience and greater payment flexibility,” Bowie said. “Speed Queen Insights delivers that modern experience and flexibility, while offering owners user-friendly management tools and the efficiency of one management system for operations and revenue.”