Why choose a Speed Queen® Laundry Service Provider?

World-Class Support For All Your Laundry Needs

Dedicated to your success, our Laundry Service Provider network is there to help you with everything you need, from equipment selection to service and everything in between.

Success from the Start

Speed Queen Laundry Service Providers are your experts who can take the hassle out of operating a common laundry room. Whether your project is just a couple washers and dryers or several rows, they’ll ensure a setup that keeps residents satisfied.

Share in the Success

Property managers are able to reap the rewards of a first class laundry room without any of the headaches. Best of all they are getting industry-leading equipment with features residents will love.

Ongoing Service and Support

When it comes to service and support, our Laundry Service Providers know your machines—and the multi-housing market—better than anyone. From routine maintenance to payment system management, they can help you create a common laundry that your residents will appreciate.

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