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Sharon Brinks – Wichita, Kansas

Speed Queen Insights gave this laundry owner more visibility so she could manage her business better.

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Ross Dodds and Russel Pinkard - West Hollywood, California

Ross Dodds and his husband, Russel Pinkard, went all-in on the vended laundry business, opening three laundries in the span of roughly one year.

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Mike Nemetz - Manteca, California

Scalability was the name of the game for Mike Nemetz. He came into the laundry business with an eye on rapidly growing to multiple locations to hasten his exit from corporate America.

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Ed and Rich McCobb - Los Angeles, California

Ed and Rich McCobb invested in a coin laundromat for its flexibility and high ROI.

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Deechen Horton Case Study

Deechen Horton - Newport Beach, California

California entrepreneur Deechen Horton saw an investment opportunity in coin laundry.

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Al Amiri Speed Queen Case Study

Al Amiri - Santa Monica, California

When Al Amiri was looking for supplemental income, he realized a coin laundromat business with Speed Queen would generate high ROI with little effort.

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