A Better Way To Do Laundry

Speed Queen is changing the way the world does laundry. From cloud-based business management tools to mobile technology, our advanced solutions are revolutionizing the industry.

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Proven Performance

Backed by a 110-year history of building the world’s most reliable laundry equipment.

Quantum® Controls

Speed Queen’s intuitive Quantum controls are designed to improve the end-user experience by giving them greater control to tailor wash cycles to their specific needs. The upsell options also contribute to improved profitability for laundry owners.

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Why Invest in Laundromats?

The answer is simple: stability, flexibility and impressive returns.

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Why Replace Your Current Laundry Equipment?

See how retooling your store with Speed Queen® can immediately increase profits.

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The Latest News From Speed Queen®

Get Speed Queen® news and stay up to date with the latest in laundry.

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Case Studies

State-of-the-art management, unparalleled customer convenience.

Speed Queen Insights gave this Kansas owner all the benefits of advanced management functionality and mobile payments in one easy-to-use system.

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